duminică, 21 iulie 2013


Larry Grathwohl, 67, an FBI informant known for infiltrating Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s radical Weatherman Underground Organization from 1969 to 1970 – was found dead in his Cincinnati apartment Thursday. RIP Larry.

“Today the same goal is being pursued with a certain amount of success through the means of the political process; which has manifested itself in the form of Barack Obama and his administration. Simply take note of the numerous attacks on the Articles of the Constitution and the resultant attempts on the part of Obama’s government to deprive us of the liberties guaranteed by the founding fathers. These are liberties that are now being attacked, usurped and with every means possible destroyed and eliminated from the human rights upon which this country was established.

“Barack has not limited himself to merely attacking those liberties which he finds trivial but to include the very guarantee of freedom of speech by attacking any and all who oppose him. It is also important to note that Barack Obama is, without doubt, an associate, friend and fellow traveler along with Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers and many others who believe in the total destruction of this country.”




No place to hide.

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